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Why are things in America changing so much?

“While we were sleeping the enemy came in a sowed
weeds among the wheat.” Matthew 13:25

It might seem fast, but there has been a well thought out

Agenda since 1919.

Karl Marx and Antonio Gramsci knew

it was impossible to change America into a socialistic/

communistic country because of our Judea/Christian Values

and the strong family structure. So they set out on a plan to

erode both. They have done a fabulous job by infiltrating the

universities and colleges

of America with liberal, socialistic professors. Some of the very

people who bombed the Pentagon in the 60’s are now

Professors in our most prestigious universities. Most of the

universities have liberal professors and even our “Christian”

Colleges have people who believe in evolution as professors.

Come to the Awakening Freedom Tour to learn how to turn

America around.

Some believe it’s political....we believe it’s spiritual.

Welcome to our website.

Culture Shield Network exist to inform>connect>mobilize the Body of Christ to be the moral conscience of our culture. We are here to serve Kansans by helping them get involved in their culture.

We do that through being the Kansas leader of National Day of Prayer, Operation Rolling Thunder, and Kansas leader of the National Governors Prayer Team which includes Prayer on the Hill.

Donna is in Topeka at least one day a week during the legislative session and you can get our updates, by signing up to stay informed.

CSN hosts workshops about cultural issues, prayer meetings, bringing in National Speakers such as David Barton and Dave Butts.

We communicate by doing radio interviews, radio PSA’s and our weekly e-mails.

Donna is available to come to your community to share the strategy for reformation.

Thank you for your interest and let us know if we can help you in anyway.


Culture Shield Network Advisory Board

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